Conferences2014 Think Outcomes Conference

December 12, 2014by Socialsuite

In November, Socialsuite attended the 2014 Think Outcomes conference presented by the Centre for Social Impact, ARACY and the Social Impact Measurement Network Australia (SIMNA).

The two-day forum was set against Darling Harbour’s scenic backdrop.

The selection of conference speakers, panels and content for the breakout sessions was expertly curated. There was something for everyone – from interested observers, earnest beginners, to the captains of industry.

A highlight for us was Tris Lumley’s keynote presentation, which successfully set the tone for the conference. Tris provided a pragmatic insight on how the social sector currently views outcomes measurement. He defined what an “anti-social sector” looks like – one that is underpinned by organisations who serve their funders’ purpose rather than pursuing a social purpose for their beneficiaries. More of Tris’ perspectives can be read from his article – An Ecosystem Approach to Impact Measurement Is The Way, Says Tris Lumley.

A recurring theme of the conference was around the need for open sharing and collaboration of measurement tools and practice, rather than individual organisations embarking upon the journey themselves driven predominantly by their funders’ desires.

Detailed presentations and highlights from the conference can be found on Think Outcomes.

Another key highlight of the conference was presentation of the 2014 SIMNA Awards. Congratulations to the finalists and winners, including Socialsuite’s customers. It was truly exciting to be celebrating Australia’s frontiers in social impact measurement.

We walked away from the Conference feeling inspired and armed with several innovative new ideas for our technology platform. Bring on 2015 Think Outcomes!