UncategorizedYMCA Victoria selected as Finalist in Impact Measurement Award

February 16, 2015by Socialsuite

We are pleased to announce that YMCA Victoria (a user of the Socialsuite technology) has been selected as a finalist for Achievements in Impact Measurement by a Not-for-Profit Organisation in the 2015 “Measuring Social Outcomes” awards.

The winner will be announced at an awards dinner in Sydney this month.

YMCA Victoria adopted Social Impact Measurement as one of their key longer-term strategic goals – to improve service delivery and help secure funding.

YMCA Victoria has used the Socialsuite Outcomes Measurement and Reporting platform on five of their programs – to create a data collection plan, collect the data using mobile technology and generate outcomes reports.

SS awards

Socialsuite will also be presenting at the conference, covering how to embed outcomes measurement within an organisation by leveraging off technology and mobile apps to make data collection easier for frontline staff.

SS presenting