UncategorizedExperts Opinion: The Top Two Issues With Social Outcomes Measurement Today

December 22, 2015by Socialsuite

SIMNA’s event ‘Turning Hurdles into Solutions’ brought together consultants, practitioners, grant writers and social entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges and issues they’ve faced within the social outcomes measurement industry during the past year.

Many issues were discussed – but these two challenges dominated discussions:

1. Difficulty in Articulating Outcomes at a Practical Level

Attendees agreed that whilst they were able to explain what social outcomes measurement was at a theoretical level, articulating “how-to” specifics could prove surprisingly difficult. For instance, breaking the outcomes down to performance / measurement indicators, data collection frequency, data sources, etc.

Properly articulate social outcomes measurement would benefit an organisation’s abilities to explain their impact to their stakeholder and the broader community, potentially leading to increased funding.

2. Standardisation versus Customisation of Social Outcomes Measurement

The second challenge was whether the sector should be moving towards shared and standardised frameworks of outcomes measurement.

This issue raised a stimulating debate, with proponents for standardised frameworks arguing that this would increase clarity across the industry and in the public sphere and that it would also ease implementation of social outcomes measurement.

Arguments against standardised frameworks focused on the unique requirements of individual organisations, hence requiring tailored measurement frameworks.

Socialsuite – a Next Generation Technology Solution

The event stimulated good discussions, led to networking and lay the foundation for further progress in the social outcomes measurement sector.

Socialsuite is a next generation solution for outcomes measurement that makes it fast and easy to measure and report on your outcomes.

SIMNA is a knowledge sharing network for social impact measurement. Their purpose is to help foster the practice of social impact measurement in Australia. For more information on SIMNA, visit their website.