Uncategorized3 Tips for Creating Your Mobile Survey

May 26, 2016by Socialsuite

Using mobile surveys allows respondents to quickly and simply respond while they’re on the go. But without the right formatting and question choice, mobile surveys can be difficult to navigate and respond to.

Use these 3 tips to maximize your mobile survey responses.

Use Multiple-Choice Questions
Multiple-choice questions are the best option for a clean and simple mobile survey. If the answer options are concise and easy to understand, respondents can quickly make a decision and move on to the next question.

Avoid Complex and Text Response Questions
Try to limit (or avoid entirely) text responses and open-ended questions. Mobile surveys aren’t the best place for in-depth responses. If some of the questions need to be text responses (we recommend a maximum of 2), then phrase the questions so they can be answered as briefly as possible.

Keep It Short
To get the most results from your busy respondents remember to keep your survey length short! Nobody wants to spend more than 5 minutes responding to your surveys on their phone. Shorter surveys, simpler questions, and fewer answer options will help raise the response rate.

Following these 3 simple tips will enhance your mobile surveys and increase your number of successful respondents.