Webinar: Social Impact Case Studies with Socialsuite

SocialsuiteOutcomes Measurement 101, Social Outcomes Measurement

For Socialsuite’s inaugural webinar our colleague Maya demonstrated the Socialsuite product and presented two case studies on how Socialsuite has been used by YMCA Victoria and The Scanlon Foundation. The case studies expanded on both organisations’ journeys to impact measurement, how they use Socialsuite and key lessons they have learnt. The¬†presentation slides are available¬†here. Common Questions from the Webinar What … Read More

Socialsuite Analytics – Using The Power of Salesforce Wave Analytics

SocialsuiteSocial Outcomes Measurement

Socialsuite Delivers Socialsuite Analytics, Extending the Power of Salesforce Wave Analytics to Not-for-Profits and Any Organization Looking to Measure the Impact of their Services Wave Analytics Apps empower business users to get smarter about their customers, making it easier than ever for employees across any function and industry to explore data, uncover new insights and take action instantly, from any … Read More