UncategorizedIn The News: The Australian Workforce Response to COVID-19 – Springfox Research Report

July 21, 2020by Socialsuite

Australians are working more and feeling increasingly stressed, whilst managers display micromanaging tendencies – Springfox finds in their COVID-19 People Survey 2020.

Springfox, a provider of corporate resiliency programs, have released their COVID-19 People Survey 2020. Socialsuite was pleased to be the research partner for this report.

Key insights include

  1. Productivity remains strong as we adapt to working from home
  2. Connection is the key to pivot from worry to hope
  3. Leadership trust is a vital workplace currency
  4. There’s no place like home
  5. Industry benchmarks – common challenges and sector opportunities
  6. The most at risk in our workplaces prove they have the ‘right stuff’ to last the distance

Read the full report here: https://www.springfox.com/covid-19-research-report-2020/