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July 21, 2020by Socialsuite

Shona Ballinger from Development Impact spoke with our Partnerships Manager Joss Rogers about how the partnership with Socialsuite supports Development Impact’s consulting practice.

1. Can you tell me about Development Impact and the work that you specialise in?

Development Impact supports organisations to understand and design an outcome measurement framework so they can evidence impact and value, along with knowing where to focus on continuous improvement efforts within their programs and services. Development Impact works with organisations to design the measurement of surveys to their intended outcomes. We take organisations on a step by step journey, demystifying the process and empowering knowledge and buy-in to the process. With 30 years in the community services sector, Development Impact understands the challenges organisations have in designing and collecting data to their unique service.


2. As an impact consultant how do you partner with Socialsuite and what are the benefits? 

Socialsuite is the missing piece of the puzzle in outcome and impact measurement. The software is so interactive and allows all staff to engage in the analysis of data which is often difficult and overwhelming.  Staff can drill down to outcome data and know the impact they are making quickly and effectively.

Development Impact promotes and shares experience using Socialsuite as the software management tool to manage data collection and analysis for organisations as the final stage of bringing outcome measurement to life.


3. What value does Socialsuite/impact technology bring to your clients?

Socialsuite saves organisations a lot of time and money analysing data pulled from survey tools with the advancement of dashboard reporting and longitudinal tracking.  This means real-time result reporting in which staff can quickly track the outcomes and report impact. Socialsuite enables the pulling of data right through from individuals, to specific cohorts and across program specific outcome themes, indicators or demographics, allowing for a greater depth of analysis and impact reporting.


4. At what stage in the impact measurement journey would you introduce Socialsuite to your clients?

At the beginning, as this enables them to build an outcome measurement framework with the knowledge and confidence that there is a software management tool that will collect, house, analyse and report their data, utilising engaging dashboards.  This allows for them to know the road map of the journey they are on and what they can expect at the end.


5. What three pieces of advice do you have for an organisation that is just starting in impact measurement?

    1. Don’t be overwhelmed, setting up an outcome measurement framework and data collection processes may seem overwhelming, but it is like anything, once you build the foundation, the benefits come fast.
    2. Focus on what your organisation’s core outcome themes are, which need to align to your vision, mission, goals or theory of change. These will assist you in pulling data into themes for reporting and are more engaging for staff and stakeholders to understand the benefits of outcomes and impact measurement reporting.
    3. Consider how program delivery staff can be engaged from the beginning of the design. A useful outcome measurement tool should become part of the program/service delivery, allowing participants to reflect on their current position and then their journey of development during and at the end of the program. When all staff have buy-in you will gain better data and the analysis will be used for process improvement and confidence in the value and impact your organisation is achieving.


6. What do you see as the opportunity in social impact in New Zealand and how do you see Socialsuite supporting Development Impact in this?

Organisations are wanting to understand and evidence the impact they are making and whether their intended outcomes are being achieved and if not, where they can improve.  Funders and stakeholders are also requesting this level of reporting more and more.  With Socialsuite technology, this makes this achievable and less complicated.

Socialsuite is working with Development Impact providing an introductory use of Socialsuite ideal for smaller clients or those new to outcome measurement, in which Development Impact assists organisations in the setup and management of the data collection and analysis within Socialsuite. This reduces the need for staff to manage within the organisation and provides smaller organisations with the use of this technology at an introductory level. At the same time, they gain confidence in the benefits of the software and roll out their outcome measurement framework. Through working with Development Impact and Socialsuite in this way you can get started measuring outcomes and reporting impact sooner.