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February 11, 2021by Socialsuite

Author: Dr Clara Ong

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Should all surveys have a consent form? The answer, is yes. It is always best practice for surveys to be prefaced with a consent form.

A consent form provides survey recipients with a formal opt in option to participate in your survey. It also provides further information about the survey, data handling and privacy.

Ideally, your consent form should cover the following areas:

  1. The intent of your survey
  2. That participation in your survey is completely voluntary, and that there will not be any consequences if the recipient decides not to participate
  3. That the recipient can opt out of the survey at any time, and that completion is not compulsory
  4. That the survey responses will be held in confidentiality, and that no individual and their responses will be identifiable in the survey results and reports
  5. The contact details of who the survey recipient can reach out to if they have any further questions about the survey

Socialsuite comes with an option for you to include your very own consent form message as part of every email survey that gets sent out. Try Socialsuite for free here.

To help guide things along, we have put together a consent form template that you can copy and paste into any survey you are working on.


We request your consent to participate in our survey to …….

 Participation in this survey is completely voluntary. If you decide not to participate there will not be any negative consequences. If you do decide to participate, you may opt out of the survey at any time should you decide not to continue answering any questions.

Your survey responses will be kept confidential and not shared with any third-party agencies. All survey responses will be aggregated for analysis and reporting, and you will not be personally identifiable in any of the results.

 Please contact …….. should you have any questions about the survey.

Thank you!

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