Your Survey Consent Form Template

Should all surveys have a consent form? The answer, is yes. It is always best practice for surveys to be prefaced with a consent form. A consent form provides survey recipients with a formal opt in option to participate in your survey. It also provides further information about the survey, data handling and privacy.

Your Survey Cover Letter Template

But there is one simple thing that you can do to improve survey response rates, and that is writing a compelling survey cover letter (or email). If your survey cover letter hits the mark, then survey recipients are less likely to ignore or discard your survey.

Two show-stopping features every outcomes report needs

In this article, I will cover two show-stopping features that would boost credibility in any outcomes report. What I hope to demonstrate is that a one-page outcomes report that is regularly updated and used for the right reasons, which encompasses some form of these two features, is just as effective as a 30-page one.

The pros of standardised outcomes measurement

Metrics for outcomes measurement come in many different forms and types, but they are generally categorizable based on sector and the organisation’s intended outcomes. Read our article on how to choose the right metrics for your measurement project.

How outcome findings can help us to be more

You may have heard the saying, if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Having visibility of your program outcomes is a great way to learn what is working and what isn’t. Armed with this information, you learn how to continue refining your programs for maximum impact, as opposed to treading blind.