Socialsuite Overview

What is impact measurement?

Impact measurement is a process where your organization measures whether its initiatives and programs have created lasting benefits and impacts to its intended beneficiaries and stakeholders.

How will impact measurement benefit my organization?

Embedding impact measurement within your organization will provide visibility on whether your funded initiatives and programs are indeed working as intended. By undertaking impact measurement and sharing the results, your Board, funders, key managers, staff, volunteers and even service beneficiaries would gain valuable insights into the story of change and how your intervention has made an impact. Impact measurement will also enable your organization to put forward a more compelling business case for funding, as it empowers organizations to articulate what their actual value proposition is with respect to quantifiable change and benefits to service beneficiaries.

What types of businesses is Socialsuite suitable for?

Socialsuite is suitable for organizations looking to measure the outcomes of their programs and services, including the initiatives that organizations fund. Socialsuite’s dynamic data collection tools give frontline staff the power the collect data in a streamlined an automated way, from various stakeholders down to a single beneficiary. Data can be aggregated at an organization level (or across multiple organizations), down to an individual program activity. Socialsuite’s reporting engine offers real-time interactive dashboards that organizations can use as a tool to engage with their stakeholders and management team.

Can Socialsuite help me with my funding application and reports?

Yes, Socialsuite’s data collection functionality encourages your frontline staff to collect outcomes data on an ongoing basis rather than as a retrospective snapshot in time. This enables real-time tracking of how your programs and services are performing, and makes the reporting process significantly easier particularly with our interactive dashboards that automatically collate and analyze the data collected into dynamic charts and tables.


Can I use Socialsuite to measure the outcomes of more than one program?

Yes, a standard Socialsuite license allows you to manage multiple programs at once.

Is Socialsuite methodology agnostic?

Yes, Socialsuite is methodology agnostic and supports any data collection framework designed to collect data across different timepoints from varying stakeholders.

Does Socialsuite offer a proprietary resource library where I can access validated outcomes measurement tools and frameworks (e.g., surveys, indicators)?

Yes, the Socialsuite Marketplace is an extension of the Socialsuite core product; it offers a curated collection of evidence-based outcomes measurement frameworks and metrics that an organization can access to measure their outcomes. The Marketplace is growing and currently has more than 60 different metrics and frameworks.  Details of the marketplace can be found at

Does Socialsuite come with a reporting engine?

Yes, the Socialsuite Analytics engine is the primary reporting tool in Socialsuite. The engine automatically extracts and transforms data from Socialsuite’s core data storage for use in charts and dashboards. Several different visualization types are available, from basic charts through to maps and timelines.

Does Socialsuite provide reporting dashboard functionality to allow management to view real time outcome status at an organizational level, program level, and a range of geographic levels?

Our dynamic dashboards allow filtering on all aspects of the outcomes measurement process, including key demographic and outcome-related fields such as location and specific outcomes. We also incorporate functionality to look at outcome data at an individual participant level.

Can I create and customise reporting dashboards?

Yes, users with access to Socialsuite Analytics are able to both view existing dashboards and create their own, either from scratch or by cloning an existing dashboard. Dashboards can be saved privately, or shared with other users.

Can I report time series data sets to visualise change over time?

Yes, Socialsuite is designed to capture data at multiple time points and tracking the change over time, and this is reflected in the reporting capabilities of the platform. A number of timeline and calendar-based visualization options are available with options for day, week, month and year based increments.

Can I use Socialsuite to undertake a Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis?

A fundamental premise to SROI analysis is first collecting the outcomes data via indicators as specified in your Outcomes Measurement Framework. Socialsuite allows users to specify the financial proxies that have been assigned to each indicator, thereby allowing an analysis of the dollar value attributable to each outcome on achievement. Through the use of our reporting and analytical dashboards, users will get an overview of the financial cost savings / financial return on investment resulting from the level and degree of outcomes their service(s) have achieved.

What data collection methods does Socialsuite offer?

Socialsuite allows you to assemble questions from your outcomes data collection plans into a survey with configurable layout and branding. Surveys can be sent at multiple timepoints to program participants and other stakeholders. There are several options for delivering surveys including email, SMS, and branded registration pages.

Socialsuite can also be used to enrol program participants, and supports data collection at an individual level e.g., case notes. In addition, Socialsuite lets you capture attendance data to analyse participation rates over the course of your program. This is a powerful way to illustrate each participant’s journey of change throughout your program’s lifecycle.

Additionally, Socialsuite supports other non-survey methods of data collection. Data can be loaded directly into Socialsuite or via an API.

Does Socialsuite enable auto-prompts for overdue surveys and other data collection methods?

Socialsuite’s homepage includes alerts for a number of important issues that require attention, such as overdue surveys or failed emails. For even more targeted notifications, administrators can configure custom notification tasks to be triggered for specific users to follow up with data collection.

Can I upload my own preconfigured outcomes measurement framework, data collection plan or survey?

Yes, frameworks and data collection plans (which include survey questions linked to indicators & outcomes) can be uploaded via CSV. Survey Templates can be generated based on the framework and data collection plan.

Does Socialsuite allow images to be used as survey answer options instead of text?

Yes, Socialsuite has the capability for surveys to be triggered in multiple formats – English, video, audio, simple english, images, Non English.

Can Socialsuite survey questions be in a different language?

Yes, Socialsuite has the capability for surveys to be triggered in a different language.


Can I integrate Socialsuite with other 3rd party platforms?

Yes, APIs are available for two way integration, along with bulk upload and export tools for one way data transfer. The platform also includes a number of built-in connectors to 3rd party products such as Outlook and G Suite for email tracking and calendar sync.

Can I integrate Socialsuite with Government endorsed platforms e.g. DSS Data Exchange?

Socialsuite can be integrated with government platforms such as DSS Data Exchange (DEX), subject to the availability of suitable web-based APIs.

Can I use Socialsuite without an internet connection?

The Socialsuite platform requires internet connection as it is a web application. The good news is that the Socialsuite mobile app can be used offline with encrypted local data storage and automatic sync when back online.

What browsers does Socialsuite work on?

We support the current version of each of these browsers:

  • Chrome (Windows and Mac)
  • Firefox (Windows and Mac)
  • Safari (Mac)
Can I use Socialsuite on my tablet or phone?

Yes, the Socialsuite Mobile App is a data collection option for interactive face-to-face surveys. The app is available on both iOS and Android device and can be used while offline with encrypted local data storage and automatic sync when back online.

Is Socialsuite hosted and maintained by you?

Socialsuite are a Salesforce ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partner, which means that we develop and maintain our application, but the underlying platform is built and maintained by Salesforce. This means that our customers can take advantage of the reliability, performance and security compliance of the Salesforce platform, while Socialsuite can focus on our core areas of expertise around outcomes measurement.

What is your technical support availability?

Our support and implementation consultants are located across Sydney and Melbourne and operate during EST business hours. Subject to staff availability, we endeavour to respond to all requests for product support within 24 hours of receiving your request. For critical issues, we endeavour to respond within 7 hours if the support was logged within business hours.

Depending on where you are based overseas, we also offer local support in your timezone subject to staff availability.

What forms of training and support are providing both upfront and as an ongoing service?

Training is bundled into our commercial offering, which will also include a training allowance as part of ongoing licensing cost. Socialsuite training sessions involve coverage of the following material and relevant practical exercises to accompany:

  • A step-by-step guide to setting up and using Socialsuite for Outcomes Measurement
  • An introduction to different forms of reporting within Socialsuite (e.g. dynamic dashboards)
  • A walk-through of administration-related tasks that the client may need to conduct
  • An introduction to the accompanying Mobile App

Ongoing support is provided in the form of:

  • An online Knowledge Base that acts as a repository of all information regarding Socialsuite
  • Interactive walkthroughs for major processes within Socialsuite (e.g. setting up a program, implementing outcomes frameworks, enrolling participants and managing their data)
  • Video guides for the Mobile App and interactive walkthroughs
Is Socialsuite a monthly or annual subscription service?

There are significant cost savings if you sign up for an annual service.

Can I trial Socialsuite?

Yes, Socialsuite offers a trial.

Data & Privacy

Will my data be safe and private?

Yes, Socialsuite leverages the Salesforce platform for industry-leading security and data protection. Platform certification and compliance information is available here: