Foundations and Philanthropy

Foundations use Socialsuite to monitor the impact generated by their portfolio.

As a Foundation, I want to…

Add rigour into my impact reports
Help my grantees build impact measurement capacity
Have an aggregated view of how my portfolio is performing
Enable my grantees to collect impact data that aligns with my objectives
Strategically deploy capital to areas of maximum social impact
Not burden my grantees with complex data collection

The Solution

Get timely and actionable insights

Socialsuite’s one-click access to interactive, tailored and dynamic impact reports help foundations determine the best use of their capital. Its data collection and analysis tools help funds understand if their funds are meeting objectives.

Use any impact measurement metric

Create your own impact measurement metrics, or use evidence-based metrics readily available to plug into Socialsuite. Metrics can be customised for each Grantee.

Match portfolio organisations with impact areas

Align your portfolio areas with your impact objectives. Enable your grantees to easily collect impact data that feeds into these objectives.

An efficient and cost-effective way to get your grantees on board with impact measurement

Each grantee collects their own impact data using Socialsuite. This data is then aggregated and synthesised into simple, interactive visuals – graphs, charts and performance measures.

Case Studies

The Scanlon Foundation is using Socialsuite to measure the impact of social and cultural cohesion.

The Scanlon Foundation funds and supports programs that foster social cohesion and celebrates cultural diversity. The Foundation has developed its own social cohesion metrics, and is a key supporter of ongoing research into measuring social cohesion.

The Scanlon Foundation has designed their own impact measurement methodology, and is currently using Socialsuite to implement this methodology through measuring the outcomes of the programs they support.

Participants of Community programs supported by Scanlon interact with Socialsuite by completing surveys relating to the impact areas Scanlon Foundations are addressing. Program staff also interact with Socialsuite by providing program outputs to show in relation to the participants impact. This data is rolled into reporting dashboards, enabling the Scanlon Foundation to visualise how their grantees are tracking against their overall impact goals.