Socialsuite: A platform for managing the social impact of programs.

Socialsuite Mobile: The mobile app version of Socialsuite.

Program: Set of activities delivered by an organization in order to achieve an outcome (e.g., Youth Employment Program to deliver the outcome of youth in gainful employment).

Activity: Events or processes carried out as part of a Program. A Program can have multiple activities. E.g., A Youth Employment Program might deliver the following activities – i) Careers Workshop, ii) Life Skills Counselling, iii) Apprenticeships.

Cohort: A group of Beneficiaries linked to a specific Activity.

Beneficiary: A Program participant.

Reviewers: Stakeholders of the participant and/or Program. The participant or stakeholders around the participant and/or Program who provide measurement feedback.

Outcomes: Intended consequence of programs directed at people or the environment; mostly characterised as a change in: circumstance, knowledge, skill, behaviour or attitude.

Indicators: Signposts or metrics that can be tracked to show whether progress is being made towards the outcome.

Tools: Evidence-based metrics used to measure an Indicator. Can be downloaded off the Socialsuite Marketplace (e.g., Rosenberg self-esteem scale, Scope’s MiSO survey, Synergistiq’s 5A, Personal Well-Being Index).

Data Collection Frequency: How frequent indicator and tool data needs to be collected from the beneficiary and reviewers (e.g., pre-program, post-program, 3 months post-program).

Socialsuite Analytics: Impact dashboards to showcase data relating to outcomes, indicators, responses and associated demographic / program data.

Impact Measurement Framework: An organization-level plan demonstrating the organization’s “Theory of Change” and intended outcomes with respect to different programs. One Framework may comprise multiple Data Collection Plans.

Data Collection Plan: A detailed program-level plan which dictates (for a specific program):

  • Tools (where applicable)
    • Outcomes (One Tool to many)
      • Indicators (One Tool to many / One outcome to many)
        • Reviewers (One Indicator to many)
          • Data Collection Frequency (Differ with respect to reviewer type)
  • Reporting Templates

Survey Builder: A mechanism in Socialsuite that enables users to assemble questions (from  the Data Collection Plan) into a survey layout.