Impact management software that lets you analyse and report on the social impact delivered by your service providers.

How Socialsuite Helps Government

  • Align and measure your service providers against a standardised set of service outcomes
  • Provide community visibility on the social impact achieved through your funding focus areas
  • Build the capacity of your service providers to measure and report on their impact
  • Go beyond outputs reporting and provide a rigorous approach and system for service providers to report on their impact


Standardise and share your impact measurement framework

Create a library of impact measurement tools that your service providers can access

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An efficient and cost-effective way for your service providers to start reporting on their impact

Give each service provider access to their own dedicated portal for entering data. Send service providers a reminder notification during reporting periods when data is due

Generate insightful dashboards showcasing impact at a geographical or service provider level

Benchmark and filter your impact dashboards by geographical / funding sector right down to an individual service provider level. Generate a Social Return on Investment score to find out how much social value has been generated based on your dollar inputs. Refine your funding decisions and provide public and stakeholder visibility of the social impact your funding has delivered

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