Methodology Owners

Methodology Owners use Socialsuite to scale their impact measurement metrics globally.

As a Methodology Owner,
I want to…

Gain insights with global benchmarking data
Provide a technology solution for customers to easily implement my methodology
Scale my impact measurement methodology to a worldwide audience

Used by Methodology Owners
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The Solution

Aggregate global data for benchmarking

Data can be collected for your metrics, from anywhere in the world, using Socialsuite. Use this global data for benchmarking and analysis.

Enable your customer’s impact measurement capabilities

Offer Socialsuite’s impact management software to your customers. Help your customers to easily implement their impact management strategies, or collect data that feeds into your impact measurement metrics.

Make your impact measurement metrics accessible

Host your impact measurement metrics on our Marketplace. New customers from around the world seek you out by browsing our Marketplace.

Case Studies

Scope is using Socialsuite to power their MiSO methodology for disability services.

When the $22B National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) came into practice, demanding evidence-based impact reports, Scope’s work into outcomes measurement was able to fill a gap in the market for people with a disability who wished to purchase evidence based support services in an increasingly competitive disability-provider market.

Scope not only wanted to evidence the impact of their own disability services, but also help other disability providers measure and prove their impact. To help with this, they developed a set of proprietary and researched-backed impact measurement metrics.

With the goal of using technology to globally scale the uptake of their metrics and data collection, Scope partnered with Socialsuite to deliver a turnkey solution for their client base.

More information about Scope’s methodology can be found on our Marketplace.

Poverty Stoplight is using Socialsuite to enable families in Paraguay to assess their levels of poverty.

Poverty Stoplight is a global project headquartered in South America, with the goal of eliminating poverty. It comprises a metric and a methodology that enables families to assess their levels of poverty, and to carry out personalised strategies to overcome their specific deprivations.

With currently more than 50 organisations over 20 countries delivering the Poverty Stoplight methodology, and the goal of reaching over a million families by 2020, Poverty Stoplight uses technology solution with mobile capabilities to assist with data collection particularly in remote areas.

On a first instance, using Socialsuite, Poverty Stoplight is able to undertake online and offline data collection for about 4.000 people in the Paraguayan Chaco. Poverty Stoplight is able to rapidly scale their data collection requirements. Socialsuite also provides live dashboard analyses of the data.