On-Demand Workshop: Four Simple Steps to Getting Started with Outcomes Measurement

Do you struggle to measure Social Impact and Outcomes Measurement for your organisation? Most businesses or organisations, or departments within them have to at one point or another demonstrate their impact and return on investment on a project or strategy.
For not-for-profits and other organisations dependent on external funding to do their work, this is particularly crucial, but the process of gathering the data to measure impact can be daunting and difficult. However, it doesn’t have to be.
In this workshop, you will learn why outcomes measurement is important and how you can get started with four simple steps. You will get an overview of each step in the process with worked examples. You will also be given some simple exercises so you can implement them into your own programs. The four steps we will cover are:
  • Step 1: What outcomes will you measure
  • Step 2: How, when, who to collect data from
  • Step 3: Common data collection pitfalls and how to overcome them
  • Step 4: How to get the most out of your outcome reports

Each workshop attendee will also receive a free copy of Dr. Clara Ong’s guidebook electronically. Each attendee will be getting a free trial of the new Socialsuite Grow product to create your first very own outcomes measurement template.

Watch The Webinar On-Demand


Dr. Clara Ong
Co-founder, and Head of Impact and Research
Dr. Clara Ong is the co-founder of Socialsuite, an impact measurement platform that helps organizations show the change they are making. Clara is a psychologist by training and started the early years of her career working on several large resource and mining projects to design their corporate social responsibility and community investment programs. Clara has extensive experience with social impact assessment and stakeholder consultations across rural and Indigenous communities.


Christian Mosley
Head of Business Development
Christian Mosley is the Head of Business Development at Socialsuite, supporting nonprofit organizations by accessing their needs and helping them get started on a path to success. With extensive experience working at the intersection of technology and the nonprofit sector, Christian is passionate about empowering organizations to measure and show how close, or how far, we are to the world we want to live in.