Family ServicesGrief and BereavementHealth ServicesSupport ServicesAdult Attitude to Grief Scale (AAG)

Author(s): Linda Machin, Keele University

Collection Method: Self-report questionnaire

Scoring Method: Contains 3 statements from each of the following 3 categories presented in random order – “Overwhelmed” (e.g., For me, it is difficult to switch off thoughts about the person I have lost), “Controlled” (e.g., I believe that I must be brave in the face of loss) and “Resilient” (e.g., I feel able to face the pain which comes with loss). Respondents rate on a five point scale from strongly agree to strongly disagree.

Number of questions/statements: 9

Price: Free

Key Points:

The 3 categories of grief are conceptualised in the “Range of Response to Loss” (RRL) model and has been validated as a rigorous tool of value in practice settings, to provide a measure of profiling an individual’s grief. The categories are defined as follows:

  • Overwhelmed – a state dominated by emotional and cognitive distress
  • Controlled – a state dominated by the need to avoid emotional expression and focus on day to day life
  • Balanced / Resilient – a state of secure attachment and capacity to cope