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Author(s): Ertem, I.O., Atay, G., Dogan, D.G., Bayhan, A., Bingoler, B.E., Goc, C.G., Ozbas, S., Haznedaroglu, D. & Isikli, S.

Collection Method: Self-report questionnaire completed by caregiver

Scoring Method: Scoring knowledge based on points. 0 = incorrect answer; 1 = answer falls within acceptable range; 2 = correct answer. The higher the score, the higher the knowledge

Number of questions: 20

Price: Free

Key Points:

  • Designed to assess parental knowledge of child development
  • Suitable for use with programs working new and young parents, to assess awareness and knowledge of what children need for healthy development
  • Tool assesses knowledge or cognitive and social-emotional development of young infants and toddlers and, gross and fine motor skills

The CKCDI tool has been reviewed and assessed by the Socialsuite team. In our opinion this tool is suitable in supporting the evaluation of new parents to assist in the measurement of knowledge of child development.

This tool was created by a group of researchers from Ankara University School of Medicine and is typically free to use for not-for-profit organizations.