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Author(s): Resilience Research Centre as part of the International Resilience Project (IRP) originated in 2002 under Dr. Michael Ungar

Collection Method: Self-report survey/questionnaire

Number of questions/statements: Child (5 – 9 years): 26 or 12; Youth (10 – 23 years): 28 or 12

Scoring Method: 5-point or 3-point response scale with rating directly summed. The higher the score, the more resilience components (see dimensions below) are suggested to be present in the lives of participants.

Key Points:

Measures resilience across the following dimensions:

  • Individual
    • Personal skills
    • Peer support
    • Social skills
  • Relationships with primary caregivers
    • Physical caregiving
    • Psychological caregiving
  • Contextual factors
    • Spiritual
    • Education
    • Cultural

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