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Author(s): Adam P. Matheny, Jr., Theodore D. Wachs, Jennifer L. Ludwig, and Kay Phillips.

Collection Method: Self-Report Questionnaire

Scoring Method: Uses a scale of 1-4; (1) Very much like your own home; (2) Somewhat like your own home; (3) A little bit like your own home; (4) Not at all like your own home. The lower the score, the better the home environment is

Number of questions: 15

Price: Free

Key Points:

  • CHAOS tool measures children’s home environment for the level of confusion, hubbub and order.
  • The tools is built on the premise that children are able to learn better in households with more order, less confusion and hubbub
  • Suitable for use in programs working with families with children aged 3 years and over

The CHAOS tool has been reviewed and assessed by the Socialsuite team. In our opinion this tool is suitable in supporting the evaluation of children to assist in the measurement of home environment.

This tool was created by a group of researchers and is typically free to use for not-for-profit organizations.