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Author(s): Child Trends for the Templeton Foundation

Collection Method: Self-Report Questionnaire

Scoring Method: Uses a scale with the following ratings answer options: (0) None of the time/Strongly Disagree; (1) A little of the time/Somewhat disagree; (2) Some of the time/Neither agree not disagree; (3) Most of the time/Somewhat agree; (4) All of the time/Strongly agree. Scale should be reversed for item 3. Score can be summed up, the higher the score the better educational engagement

Number of questions: 6

Price: Free

Key Points:

  • The tool measures young people’s level of engagement in education, as rated by their parents
  • Should be used in conjunction with Educational Scale for Teenagers
  • Suitable for any program working with youth and their families, particularly youth at risk of disengaging from school

This tool was created by Child Trends for the Templeton Foundation, and is typically free to use for not-for-profit organizations.