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Author(s): Katy Jacob of Woodstock Institute

Collection Method: Self-report questionnaire

Scoring Method: Uses scale with 1-5 ratings; (1) Never; (2) Rarely; (3) Sometimes; (4) Usually; (5) Always. Scores are averaged. First part of questionnaire treat higher scores as positive; whereas second part part reverses the rating and treats higher scores as negative responses.

Number of questions: 19

Price: Free

Key Points:

  • This tool measures financial literacy and budgeting skills of participants facing financial difficulty
  • Can be administered pre and post program.
  • Suitable for use in financial literacy programs.

The Financial Behaviour Scale has been reviewed and assessed by the Socialsuite team. In our opinion this tool is suitable in supporting the evaluation of adults to assist in the measurement of financial literacy and budgeting skills.

This tool was created by Katy Jacob from Woodstock Institute and is typically free to use for not-for-profit organizations.