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Author(s): Synergistiq

The Five As, which corresponds to attributes of highly effective leadership PD programs, have indicated best practice in the leadership professional context.

They are the extent to which the program:

  • Results in positive affect amongst participants, whereby they are satisfied with various aspects of the PD.
  • Aligns to the purpose and needs of participants’ professional goals, as well as to that of their workplace
  • Adapts to meet the needs of participants
  • Advances the knowledge and skills of the participants, and
  • Results in the Application of theoretical learnings in the workplace.

The model proposes that the ultimate outcomes of leadership professional development are advancement and application, which, in turn, result in a measurable impact on the organization.

The model also indicates that, in order to achieve advancement and application amongst its participants, a PD program must be aligned with and adapted to the needs of staff and their organization. In addition, they must be satisfied with the PD, or have positive affect.

Based on Synergistiq’s statistical analyses, it was found that affect, alignment and adaptation are indeed predictors of application, advancement, and the latter two are predictors of the perceived sense of impact on the organization.

The solution includes:

  • Outcomes and Indicators to measure effectiveness of PD programs
  • The Five A assessment
  • Socialsuite licenses enabling data collection via tablets/emails and interactive dashboards