Family ServicesGrief and BereavementHealth ServicesSupport ServicesHerth Hope Index (HHIndex)

Author(s): Kaye Herth

Collection Method: Self-report questionnaire

Scoring Method: Contains statements which capture the multi-dimensions of hope such as “I have a positive outlook toward life” or “I feel all alone”.  Responses are scored on a 4-point scale (1 = Strongly Disagree, 4 = Strongly Agree). Total possible points on the scale is 48. The higher the score, the higher the hope. Note items 3 and 6 on the index will need to be reverse scored.

Number of questions/statements: 12

Price: Free

Key Points:

The HHIndex is designed to measure both the time-specific and global dimensions of hope and to measure hope in adults suffering from acute, chronic or terminal conditions in various clinical settings.