Impact Measurement FrameworkToolsLondon Benchmarking Group (LBG)

Author(s): London Benchmarking Group – Managed by Haystac in Australia & New Zealand

Target Market: Corporate businesses, public agencies, small to medium enterprises

Overview: Measures a company’s overall contribution to the community, taking into account cash, in-kind donations and management costs. The LBG model also measures outputs and long-term community and business impacts resulting from corporate community investments

Data Collection / Measurement Method:

  • Organisations cost key inputs into the community
  • Map and measure outputs as a result of inputs
  • Assess the impact of individual components or more broadly, the whole community program, over various time periods

Scoring Method: Combines quantitative and qualitative measures

Key Points:

  • Organisations are free to tailor the LBG model and adapt to their own goals and broader measurement framework
  • Difficult to compare against other organisations
  • Qualitative measurement aspect provides difficulty in benchmarking and measurement over time