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The Outcomes Star for young people and adults with learning disabilities

Copyright: Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise Limited

The Life Star™ has been designed for young people and adults with learning disabilities.

It was developed by Triangle with 10 collaborators including:

  1. United Response
  2. Care Principles
  3. Partnerships in Care
  4. Avon and Wiltshire MH Trust
  5. Dorset Healthcare Foundation Trust
  6. East Midlands NHS Resource Hub
  7. Cheshire and Wirral NHS Trust
  8. Warrington LD Partnership
  9. Castlebeck
  10. Tees, Wier Valley and Esk NHS Trust

The Life Star™ is a holistic tool and covers ten key outcomes areas:

  1. Your health
  2. How you spend your time
  3. Being responsible
  4. Being safe
  5. Money and letters
  6. Living skills
  7. Communicating
  8. Feeling good
  9. People you know
  10. Mental health and other conditions

The Life Star™ is underpinned by a uniquely-developed Journey of Change, with five steps:

  1. It is not working
  2. It is difficult but I am getting help
  3. It is OK
  4. It is more how I like it
  5. It is right for me

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