FrameworksAdultsDisability ServicesHealth ServicesSupport ServicesMeasuring Impact and Service Outcomes (MiSO) – Outcomes Measures for Disability Service Providers

Author(s): Scope Australia

Collection Method: 2 brief, easy to use evidence-based surveys administered periodically to track change over time.

  1. The Outcomes and Impact Scale – Revised (O&IS-R): A self-report survey available in standard and easy English. Takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.
  2. Measuring Outcomes in Services and Support Tool Short Form (SF-MOSS): Administered to the adult with disability as an interview by a staff member. Takes about 15 minutes to administer.

Key Points:

  • Enables providers to capture outcomes data and report back to funders and customers, and use data to drive service development.
  • The surveys have been designed so that they are accessible to adults with a range of abilities, including people with intellectual disability.
  • MiSO is suitable for use in a range of service and support contexts, including accommodation, respite, therapy, counselling, case management, day programs, community inclusion programs, and employment, education or equipment services
  • The Outcomes and Impact Scale Revised, measures the impact that a service has had on a person’s life. It takes a whole of life, whole of person approach and focuses on nine life domains.
  • The Measuring Outcomes in Services and Supports Tool- Short Form (SF-MOSS), measures progress towards goals. Performance and satisfaction scores are obtained on each administration.
  • Each of the surveys have been developed through research and extensive testing. Surveys have good reliability and validity. Visit read about the research and access publications.

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