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The Outcomes Star for people in later life

Copyright: Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise Limited

The Older Person’s Star™ has a focus on re-enablement and measures progress towards maximising independence and well-being.

It is suitable for use in settings with one-to-one support from a keyworker, but also includes a shorter version which is suitable for use in resource centres or day services.

The Older Person’s Star™ was developed by Triangle with service providers and commissioners from Camden, Westminster, Brent and Hammersmith and Fulham Borough Councils.

The Older Person’s Star™ covers seven outcome areas:

  1. Staying as well as you can
  2. Keeping in touch
  3. Feeling positive
  4. Being treated with dignity
  5. Looking after yourself
  6. Staying safe
  7. Managing money

The Journey of Change underpinning the Star is based on steps from ’cause for concern’ to ‘as good as it can be’, so all older people can reach ’10’ (or ‘5’ in the shorter version) and the Star captures the difference that services make.

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