FrameworksToolsSocial Impact Program for Business

Author(s) Purposeful

Collection Method – A preliminary short form impact assessment tool, completed via Socialsuite (5-10 minutes to complete) followed by a longer more comprehensive Socialsuite survey (20-30 minutes), conducted over multiple waves (every 3-4 months) during life of the social impact program.

Key Points – Enables executive leaders and business owners to understand how purpose-driven and impactful their organization is from an employee perspective. Enables program design to optimise employee engagement, performance, leadership and culture improvement over time.

  • The survey social impact tools work in alignment with the Purpose model attached to enable business owners to create inspired, impactful and thriving workplaces.
  • This is best suited to organizations wanting to improve organizational performance, culture and social and environmental outcomes.
  • It offers a new approach to CSR, that focuses on achieving better internal health and performance, through engaging social and environmental programming.
  • The survey, its questions and lead indicators are based on leading evidence, management theory and case studies.

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