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Author(s): Youthinmind Ltd

Collection Method: Behavioural screening questionnaire answered by a respondent on behalf of the young person aged 3 – 16 years. Self-report version is available for young people aged 11 – 16 years.

Number of questions/statements: 25 items divided between 5 scales

Scoring Method: Automated scoring for a fee or free hand scoring. Further details:

Price: Paper versions may be downloaded and subsequently photocopied without charge by individuals or non-profit organizations provided they are not making any charge to respondents. Not to be reproduced electronically without the author’s prior written consent. Further details:

Key Points:

Measures the following attributes for 3 – 16 year olds:

    • Emotional symptoms
    • Conduct problems
    • Hyperactivity/inattention
    • Peer relationship problems  
    • Prosocial behaviour

The SDQ exists in several versions to meet the needs of researchers, clinicians and educationalists. Child and adolescent mental health programs and clinics would use the SDQ as part of their pre and post assessments to evaluate specific interventions. Parents, teachers or young people over the age of 11 years would complete the questionnaire, with findings determining the course and subsequent outcome(s) of the intervention.