Family ServicesGrief and BereavementHealth ServicesSupport ServicesTexas Revised Inventory of Grief (TRIG)

Author(s): Thomas R. Faschingbauer, Richard A. DeVaul, Sidney Zisook

Collection Method: Self-report questionnaire

Scoring Method: Uses two scales – the Past Behaviour scale contains 8 questions and the Present Feelings scale contains 13 questions. Both scales rank from 1 (“Completely True” to 5 (“Completely false”), The items a summed for a total score for each scale, for which a higher score indicates less grief and a lower score indicates more grief.

Number of questions/statements: 21

Price: Free

Key Points:

Each item in the questionnaire regards the client’s responses about various aspects of grief-related depression such as acceptance of the loss, crying and intrusive thoughts.

Respondents who had high grief on both scales were classified as having prolonged grief, and those with low grief on both scales were classified as having low grief. Low grief on the Past Behaviour scale and high grief on the Present Feelings scale suggests the respondent was experiencing delayed grief, whereas the vice versa indicates acute grief.