Support ServicesToolsYouthThe Youth Survey: Measuring the Quality of Mentor-Youth Relationships

Author(s): Jucovy, L. (2002) Measuring the Quality of Mentor-Youth Relationships: A Tool for Mentoring Programs. Philadelphia: Public/Private Ventures/Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory.

Collection Method: Self-Report Questionnaire

Scoring Method: Measures across three dimensions: (i) Youth-centred relationships; (ii) Youth’s emotional engagement; (iii) Youth dissatisfaction. Scores are aggregated for each dimension.

Number of questions: 20

Price: Free

Key Points:

  • This is a tool designed to measure the quality of youth and mentor relationships
  • Suitable for young people aged 10 to 14 year olds who have been matched with mentors
  • Can be used in mentoring programs such as those run through Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Recommend pre and post assessments to measure change before and after mentor relationship has commenced

This tool consists of 20 questions.

This tool was created by Jucovy, L., and is typically free to use for not-for-profit organizations.