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Author(s): Arthur, M.W., Hawkins, J.D., Pollard, J.A., Catalano, R.F., & Baglioni, A.J., Jr. of University of Washington

Collection Method: Self-Report Questionnaire

Scoring Method: Uses a scale with the following ratings and answer options: (0) Very wrong; (1) Wrong; (2) A little bit wrong; (3) Not wrong at all. Scores can be summed up. Lower scores indicated better attitude towards substance use. Full scoring directions available in the tool.

Number of questions: 4

Price: Free

Key Points:

    • Tool assesses youth’s attitude towards substance use
    • Suitable for use in youth programs, particularly for activities concerned with youth substance abuse
    • This tool is well-tested and has been peer reviewed

The Youth Attitudes Toward Substance Use tool has been reviewed and assessed by the Socialsuite team. In our opinion this tool is suitable in supporting the evaluation of young people to assist in the measurement of the attitudes towards substance use.

This tool consists of 4 questions to be completed by the young person.

This tool was created by a group or researchers at University of Washington, and is typically free to use for not-for-profit organizations.