Blockchain for Measuring Social Impact is here.

Socialsuite is pleased to announce it will be delivering some of the world’s first blockchain smart contracts for funding based on verified social impact.

Global systems for funding are already undergoing a seismic shift as funders demand better reporting on the effectiveness of their capital.

Combining impact measurement with the power of blockchain has immense potential to revolutionise the entire sector.

As always, we are proud to be a first mover in this space and invite interested organisations or funds to make contact.

This technology is applicable to organisations big or small, program funders, governments and impact investment funds.

It is safe, secure, anonymous, trustworthy and offers significant benefits over traditional methods.

We welcome the opportunity to demystify this exciting new way of measuring impact.

If you would like to discuss blockchain smart contracts for impact measurement or apply to participate in early trials of this technology please contact us.