Socialsuite’s impact management software helps a diverse range of organisations monitor their impact on people.

The Impact Management Platform for accurate measurement

Socialsuite makes it easy to measure and monitor how your organisation, its programs and services affect the community and the environment.
Simple, automated data-collection and analysis tools, help you discover how investments in social programs are meeting their objectives.

So what is Impact Management Software?

A platform for automatically and rigorously monitoring how your initiatives impact people.
Respondents electronically score their reactions or describe outcomes.
All information is synthesised into simple, interactive visuals — graphs, charts and performance measures — that can be cut, diced and drilled for further analysis.

Use Socialsuite to
Ask, Analyse, Act

Socialsuite helps your organisation define what it wants to measure, what it wants to ask, how often it wants responses.

Ask the questions

Socialsuite collects responses via one-click surveys. Our mobile technology makes  Socialsuite ideal for field use, and for collating information in remote communities. Data can be stress-tested by validating responses with other parties.

Analyse the data

Socialsuite analyses all responses electronically and produces insightful graphs and reports. Additional survey points add depth, enabling you to monitor your impact over various time periods. Results can be broken down for deeper analysis.

Act on the outcomes

Socialsuite lets you quickly act on initiatives that are not working. Demonstrate evidence that supports how your initiatives impact people. Engage in richer and more informed dialogue. Gain the trust and support of key stakeholders and communities.

Our Customers

Socialsuite is used by methodology owners, financial institutions, large companies, government agencies, philanthropic foundations and not-for-profits.

Methodology Owners

Funders and Corporates

Service Providers

Methodology Owners

Funders and Corporates

Service Providers

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How does Impact Management Technology help your organisation?

Impact Management systems help your organisation measure and monitor the effect your investments are having on the people and communities you target. Socialsuite’s technology provides a platform for automatically gauging how respondents react to initiatives you are putting in place, wherever they may be. Its simple, elegant and efficient solutions enable management to spot-check how programs and services are performing and allow for deeper analysis.

As a global leader in Impact Management systems, Socialsuite’s technology delivers an efficient and rigorous measurement and monitoring service that is simple to use, infinitely adjustable and tailored to your organisation’s requirements. Data is collected via one-click electronic surveys conducted in the field, using mobile apps, laptop or email, and over multiple time periods. You determine your program’s goals, and you set outcomes to be measured using universally-accredited standardised metrics or your own parameters. Participants electronically score their reactions or describe outcomes. Responses are analysed electronically, and graphically reproduced in visually-appealing and comprehensible formats. Additional survey points add depth, and results over time provide exacting layers of data that can be broken down for deeper analysis, allowing you to decide how to take further action.