Corporates use Socialsuite to manage their community partnerships and enhance their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

As a Corporate, I want to…

Remove spreadsheets and manual data collection
Coordinate my social investments to maximise impact
Not burden my community partners with complex data collection
Enable my community partners to collect impact data aligned with my investment objectives
Know if my social investments are achieving their objectives
Have an aggregated view of how my community partnerships are performing

The Solution

Get timely and actionable insights

Socialsuite’s one-click access to interactive, tailored and dynamic reports help corporate investors determine the best use of their capital. Its data collection and analysis tools help companies understand if their actions are meeting objectives.

Share standardised metrics with your partners

Create a library of impact measurement metrics that can easily be downloaded and used by your community partners.

Get your community partners on board with impact measurement

Each community partner collects their own impact data using Socialsuite. This data is then aggregated and synthesised into simple, interactive visuals – graphs, charts and performance measures.

Not sure what to measure?

Access hundreds of evidence-based measurement metrics and standards that quantify “intangible” social outcomes.

Case Studies

Australia Post is using Socialsuite to measure their whole-of-community impact.

Australia Post runs several community partnerships in addition to their own workplace giving initiatives. Their community programs are predominantly aimed at increasing sense of community, building general community capabilities, diversity acceptance, and building social capital.

Australia Post designed their own impact measurement strategy which comprises a set of metrics. These metrics measure if their partnerships are achieving outcomes that align with their broader impact goals.

Socialsuite is used to send surveys to Australia Post’s community partners, who provide feedback on what outcomes they are achieving. Socialsuite is also used to survey employees as part of their workplace giving program. Data from respondents are rolled up into dashboards that provide Australia Post with an interactive visualisation of how their various partnerships are tracking, from an aggregate “whole-of-community” level down to individual partnerships.

Marks & Spencer is using Socialsuite to monitor their progress towards a sustainable future.

As a leading retailer in the UK, Marks & Spencer has undertaken a significant commitment to becoming a sustainable business by 2025. This means delivering on Plan A 2025, which comprises of key goals around the community and the environment. These goals include helping 10 million people live happier and healthier lives; transforming 1,000 communities; and becoming a zero-waste business.

Marks & Spencer collaborated with The Social Innovation Partnership (TSIP) to develop an impact measurement methodology, to measure and monitor the outcomes of community partnerships and initiatives designed to achieve the company’s goals.

Marks & Spencer is currently using Socialsuite to help implement their impact measurement methodology. Socialsuite is being used to collect data for a number of initiatives across their retail stores, through the use of online surveys. These surveys are used as engagement tools with internal employees, to measure their workplace volunteering efforts. In addition, surveys are sent to Marks & Spencer’s community partners and general members of the public who have participated in the company’s community initiatives. Data from survey respondents is presented in dashboards that demonstrate how Marks & Spencer is tracking against their goals.