Free COVID-19 Social Impact Assessment

Socialsuite is donating its impact monitoring technology to your organization for the purpose of monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on your people.

See How It Works

Our free COVID-19 Social Impact Assessment Technology will provide your organization with:

Expert designed COVID-19 Social Impact Assessment Survey configured in Socialsuite
Automated monthly email surveys sent to your people to monitor how their lives are changing as a result of COVID-19
An interactive dashboard showing key areas where your people are being impacted, and how you or your funders can help
Learn valuable insights from what is working at other organizations during this unprecedented crisis

Why measure the social impact of COVID-19?

To understand and act on the sentiment, fears and aspirations of your people during this critical time
To gain ongoing insights on your people’s greatest areas of need, and be able to allocate resources towards these areas
To understand if your initiatives are working
To promptly refine and adjust initiatives based on your people’s feedback

About the free COVID-19 Social Impact Assessment Survey

The COVID-19 Social Impact Assessment Survey has been designed to measure community perceived social impact of COVID-19. The tool tracks social impact over six key domains: 

Resilience – Measures stress levels, coping strategies, key areas of need and issues, willingness to help others in the community
Loneliness and Social Isolation – Measures the impact of social isolation and social distancing
Anxiety and Fear around Mortality – Measures general sentiment towards contracting the virus, ability to recover, access to accurate and factual information
Employment and Income – Measures perceptions around potential job loss, ability to gain future employment, and other financial implications on everyday life
Access to Basic Needs and Services – Measures perceptions and fears around running out of basic needs and services
Sense of Community and Safety – Measures social cohesion and community connectedness

Data is collected on a monthly, to provide policy makers and frontline social services with live insights of how their people’s needs are changing over time. This ongoing monitoring is also critical in assessing the effectiveness of COVID-19 social initiatives. 

COVID-19 Social Impact Report

This is the first impact report based on 417 organizations who have participated in our initiative since we launched in mid April.

The May impact report is based on the 857 organizations who have participated.

‘How Covid-19 has changes the needs of NFP beneficiaries’ draws from the more than 9,000 nonprofit / social sector employees and beneficiaries having completed our COVID-19 social impact surveys.

Our vision is that that organizations around the world will use this free tool to learn from each other.



(This is a sample dashboard)