Webinar: Socialsuite Community Launch


Socialsuite’s Maya Romic demonstrated Socialsuite’s custom built module for child and family services on October 10th 2017. The webinar provides an introduction to Socialsuite, expands on how the module has been designed to measure and report on outcomes for child and family services, and meet reporting requirements set by government funders. Start measuring your outcomes today with Socialsuite Community. Contact … Read More

Webinar: Socialsuite for Queensland Family Services

SocialsuiteSocial Outcomes Measurement

Socialsuite’s Maya Romic demonstrated Socialsuite’s custom built product for Queensland Family Services on the 10th August 2017. The webinar provides an introduction to Socialsuite, and expands on how the product has been custom designed to meet all the reporting requirements for Targeted and Secondary Family Support as set out in the Investment Specification for Family Services, by the Department of … Read More

Webinar: 6 Steps to Impact Measurement

SocialsuiteSocial Outcomes Measurement

Socialsuite’s Maya Romic demonstrated the 6 Steps to Impact Measurement in our June 5th and 6th webinar. The webinar covered practical tips on how to report on impact – from developing your framework and collecting data to reporting and analysing results. Want to start your very own impact measurement journey? For a limited time Socialsuite has a Get Started pack … Read More

Think Outcomes 2017 – 3 Key Takeaways

SocialsuiteConferences, Social Outcomes Measurement

The Centre for Social Impact’s (CSI) ThinkOutcomes 2017 conference recently took place in Sydney, with a focus on getting back to basics. A who’s-who of guest speakers and panelists discussed their experiences throughout their journeys and provided great insight into the challenges and benefits of social outcomes measurement. Following each presentation a stimulating discussion took place, allowing new and experienced … Read More

Video: Social Impact 2017: Trends and Innovation Event Recap

SocialsuiteSocial Outcomes Measurement

The first SIMNA VIC event of the year, sponsored by Socialsuite, explored innovation and trends within social impact measurement. Movember’s Paul Villanti, YouthWorx’s Jon Staley, and Nagivating Outcomes’ Jen Riley shared their insights and experiences with social impact measurement and discussed important upcoming trends. Key takeaways were: Donors and service users want to see organisations’ report on impact Collecting impact … Read More

2016 Year In Review

SocialsuiteSocial Outcomes Measurement

2016 has been a year of transformation and growth for Socialsuite, and we are excited about the year ahead and helping even more customers on their outcomes measurement journey. As the year comes to a close, we thank our partners and customers who we have worked with this past year. Key Highlights Significant product enhancements and features added (You asked … Read More

Webinar: Social Impact Case Studies with Socialsuite

SocialsuiteOutcomes Measurement 101, Social Outcomes Measurement

For Socialsuite’s inaugural webinar our colleague Maya demonstrated the Socialsuite product and presented two case studies on how Socialsuite has been used by YMCA Victoria and The Scanlon Foundation. The case studies expanded on both organisations’ journeys to impact measurement, how they use Socialsuite and key lessons they have learnt. The presentation slides are available here. Common Questions from the Webinar What … Read More

Socialsuite Analytics – Using The Power of Salesforce Wave Analytics

SocialsuiteSocial Outcomes Measurement

Socialsuite Delivers Socialsuite Analytics, Extending the Power of Salesforce Wave Analytics to Not-for-Profits and Any Organization Looking to Measure the Impact of their Services Wave Analytics Apps empower business users to get smarter about their customers, making it easier than ever for employees across any function and industry to explore data, uncover new insights and take action instantly, from any … Read More

Innovation for a Stronger Community: Third Sector Conference Review


A review of the Third Sector Conference on Aug 18-19th, 2016 Sydney Australia By Steve Ward, Socialsuite The Third Sector Expo conference entitled “Innovation for a Stronger Community” was one of the best conferences I have attended for a long while. The conference had a star-studded line-up of sector experts with a sprinkling of young, tech-savvy innovators, all with varying … Read More

ACCSR Event Recap: Annual Review of the State of CSR in Australia and New Zealand 2016 Launch

SocialsuiteSocial Outcomes Measurement

ACCSR Event Recap: Annual Review of the State of CSR in Australia and New Zealand 2016 Launch At the launch of ACCSR’s Annual Review of the State of CSR in Australia and New Zealand 2016, a panel discussed ways to progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The review received 1,080 respondents from across Australia and New Zealand and found … Read More

3 Tips for Creating your Data Collection Plan

SocialsuiteSocial Outcomes Measurement, Useful Links

Once you have developed your outcomes measurement framework and identified the measures for each outcome your program is set to achieve; it is time to develop a data collection plan. A data collection plan helps you identify the method you will use to qualify your outcomes data. Usually, data on outcomes is gathered by asking service user feedback, or through … Read More

Social Outcomes Measurement Methodologies

SocialsuiteFrameworks, Social Outcomes Measurement

You know what outcomes measurement is, but you aren’t sure where or how to get started. The next step is to understand the different outcomes methodologies and to create your own outcomes measurement framework and data collection plan (either in-house or with a consultant). Program Logic / Logic Models One of the most commonly used methodologies is Program Logic (also known … Read More

Social Outcomes Measurement: An Introduction

SocialsuiteOutcomes Measurement 101, Social Outcomes Measurement

Starting the journey to outcomes measurement can be daunting, and the first step is to understand what it is and why it’s important. Social Outcomes Measurement is simply described as the process to assess the extent to which a program has achieved its intended results. Social outcomes measurement helps you answer the following three questions: What has changed as a … Read More

3 Tips for Creating Your Mobile Survey

SocialsuiteSocial Outcomes Measurement

Using mobile surveys allows respondents to quickly and simply respond while they’re on the go. But without the right formatting and question choice, mobile surveys can be difficult to navigate and respond to. Use these 3 tips to maximize your mobile survey responses. Use Multiple-Choice Questions Multiple-choice questions are the best option for a clean and simple mobile survey. If … Read More

SIMNA Event Recap: Paul Turner and the YMCA’s Journey to Outcomes Measurement

SocialsuiteSocial Outcomes Measurement

SIMNA’s first event of the year hosted YMCA Victoria’s Paul Turner. Paul spoke about his journey towards outcomes measurement, stressing that one of the hardest steps is the very first. Paul’s presentation raised 3 key points. 1 – Technology as a “Game Changer” Using Socialsuite’s technology platform enabled program delivery staff to easily collect data on iPads or via email, … Read More

SIMNA Awards 2016

SocialsuiteSocial Outcomes Measurement

At the recent Think Outcomes conference SIMNA presented their 2016 awards to those who showed excellence in outcomes measurement. Three categories of awards were announced: Excellence in Social Impact Measurement, Excellence in Collaboration, and Best Newcomer to Social Impact Measurement. Socialsuite client Souths Cares was nominated for the Excellence in Collaboration award, but lost to Youth Action NSW. The full … Read More

Impact Investing Australia March 2016 Update

SocialsuiteSocial Outcomes Measurement

Impact investing in Australia takes another step forward with two excellent new releases from Impact Investing Australia. These reports document the growing appeal of impact investing as a way to promote social change and financial return. In March, Impact Investing launched their ‘Impact Investing Australia 2016 Investor Report’ in collaboration with the University of Melbourne. The report surveyed 123 Australian … Read More

Mission Australia Impact Measurement Pilot Summary

SocialsuiteSocial Outcomes Measurement

Mission Australia recently released a report on their dual program outcomes measurement pilot composed of Stream 4 Job Services Australia (JSA) and Personal Helpers and Mentors during 2014/5.   Overall Goals “The aim of the pilot was to enhance our understanding of the impact we were having through delivering interventions to improving well being [as described in the full report … Read More

Think Outcomes 2016 Post-Event Recap

SocialsuiteConferences, Social Outcomes Measurement

Think Outcomes 2016 was held over April 12th and 13th in Melbourne and Socialsuite was proud to be sponsors again this year. The event allowed the social sector to come together and share their ideas and exchange perspectives on recent advancements and innovations within the outcomes measurement space. The Think Outcomes 2016 keynote address was presented by Dr. Don Watson, … Read More

SVA and Socialsuite partner to provide end-to-end outcomes measurement and evaluation solution

SocialsuiteSocial Outcomes Measurement

Socialsuite is pleased to announce a partnership with social consulting firm Social Ventures Australia. The full announcement from SVA follows. SVA is delighted to formalise our non-exclusive partnership with Socialsuite through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Socialsuite is a leading provider of outcomes measurement and reporting software. Over the years, SVA Consulting has supported numerous social-purpose organisations to measure and … Read More

Experts Opinion: The Top Two Issues With Social Outcomes Measurement Today

SocialsuiteSocial Outcomes Measurement

SIMNA’s event ‘Turning Hurdles into Solutions’ brought together consultants, practitioners, grant writers and social entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges and issues they’ve faced within the social outcomes measurement industry during the past year. Many issues were discussed – but these two challenges dominated discussions: 1. Difficulty in Articulating Outcomes at a Practical Level Attendees agreed that whilst they were able … Read More

October Newsflash

SocialsuiteSocial Outcomes Measurement

In October Socialsuite continued to assist organisations measure their outcomes. This month Socialsuite is pleased to announce the release of two brand new e-Books. The 6-Step Quick Start Guide and the Organisational Readiness Handbook are both filled with practical exercises and case studies to get you started in outcomes measurement. Additionally, this month Socialsuite reviewed our workshop that we facilitated for … Read More

Collaboration for Impact 2015 Post-Conference Workshop

SocialsuiteSocial Outcomes Measurement

Following the Centre for Social Impact’s Collaboration for Impact 2015 Conference delegates were invited to a post-conference workshop facilitated by Socialsuite. The workshop was hosted at the Glebe Justice Centre in Sydney. Workshop attendees ranged from members of local and state government agencies, to university academics and members of not-for-profit organisations. The workshops allowed attendees to develop skills critical to … Read More

Interactive SIMNA Learning Event: Using Technology in Social Impact Measurement

SocialsuiteCase Studies, Conferences, Social Outcomes Measurement

Last month, Social Impact Measurement Network Australia (SIMNA) facilitated an interactive learning event “Data and Dashboards: How can Technology Improve Social Impact Measurement?”. This event stimulated discussions around use of technology in streamlining and adding rigor to social outcomes measurement. On the panel were SIMNA’s Ross Wyatt, Mick Cronin manager of the YMCA Victoria Bridge Project (Winner of the 2014 SIMNA Awards for Innovation … Read More