Impact Measurement FrameworkImpact Reporting & Investment Standards (IRIS)

Author(s): The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)

Target Market: Impact investors and enterprises

Overview: Provides a catalogue of standardised metrics for describing social, environmental and financial impact. Can be used to complement existing measurement frameworks. Specific metric sets are available for different individual industries.

Data Collection / Measurement Method:

  • Organizations first identify their goals and objectives
  • Pick and choose relevant metrics
  • Incorporate metrics into a measurement framework
  • Collect data and report

Scoring Method: Based on the metric chosen

Key Points:

  • IRIS is freely available and therefore cost-effective
  • Metrics are predominantly quantitative, enabling benchmarking and comparison of data over time
  • Metrics are standardised and can be compared between organizations
  • Organizations are able to choose specific metrics which aligns with their broader measurement framework