Service Providers

Service providers, like not-for-profits, social enterprises and NGOs, use Socialsuite to better understand how their initiatives impact people.

As a Service Provider, I want to…

Know if I am delivering outcomes for my beneficiaries
Obtain a 360-degree view of the impact my services have on each beneficiary
Quickly identify when an initiative is not working or needs improvement
Boost my employee engagement by providing them with feedback about the effect of their work
Save staff time and cost on impact measurement
Produce impact reports that will help me secure funding

Some of the Service Providers
who use Socialsuite

The Solution

Quickly get started, know what to measure

Bring your own impact measurement metrics. Not sure what to measure? Choose from hundreds of evidence-based impact measurement metrics from our Marketplace.

Reduce your reliance on subjective analysis

Collect responses from your service beneficiaries before, during, and at multiple timepoints after your service has been delivered. Get a 360-degree view of your beneficiary’s impact through validation with other parties such as teachers, mentors, or family members who are closely associated with your beneficiary.

Automate data collection

Set up a schedule to automatically deliver surveys to respondents. Improve response rates. Surveys can be sent either through email, SMS and branded registration pages.

Collect data when out in the field, even without internet connection

Mobile technology makes Socialsuite ideal for field use, and for collating information in remote communities.

Produce rigorous impact reports for your funders

Add rigour by substantiating survey data with other sources such as census data and desktop research.

Get timely and actionable insights

Socialsuite’s one-click access to interactive, tailored and dynamic reports help service providers get timely and actionable insights into how their services are performing.

Case Studies

Youth Off the Streets is using Socialsuite to monitor their engagement efforts with Young People.

Youth off the Streets delivers more than 35 youth services including aboriginal programs, crisis accommodation and outreach. They are a major youth specific agency delivering care for young people across several locations in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland Australia.

Using Socialsuite, Youth off the Streets is able to undertake mobile data collection by frontline staff. After initially piloting Socialsuite at one location within their Outreach Services, Youth off the Streets have now rolled out Socialsuite to over 100 local sites across 11 teams and 2 business units.

“The team at Socialsuite continue to stand head and shoulders above any other software vendors that we deal with as far as quality of the product, quality of support, and knowledge of the product by those who support our goals to measure the impact Youth off the Streets is having on the lives of the Young People we work with”.

The YMCA Bridge Project is using Socialsuite to measure their impact on keeping Young People out of the justice system.

The YMCA Bridge Project reduces likelihood of youth recidivism by providing at risk young people, who have been through the juvenile justice system, with training and employment pathways. They developed an impact measurement methodology with Social Ventures Australia, where a series of measurement metrics were identified.

The YMCA Bridge Project is delivered across several locations in Victoria, Australia. Data is collected at varying time points depending on the location and participant cohort. All participants were surveyed before, during and after the program to closely monitor outcomes. Due to these data collection requirements, there were obviously limitations to using paper-based surveys that required staff to input handwritten responses into databases.

Socialsuite has enabled the YMCA Bridge Project to rapidly collect data from its program participants across different time points and locations. This data can rolled up across locations and cohorts for an aggregated view of impact, or sliced and diced to analyse individual performance. With Socialsuite, the YMCA Bridge Project has been able to showcase on-demand dashboards to their funders, and quickly identify program areas that were not working.

“The use of technology has enabled a seamless roll-out of our impact measurement requirements across multiple locations. When a new program location was set up within Socialsuite, our program facilitators’ iPads were automatically updated with the new cohort’s names and questions to ask. With little impact on staff and resources, we now have greater control over our ongoing measurement and monitoring efforts”.

Doxa Youth Foundation uses Socialsuite to engage with their team on the effect their work is having on the lives of Young People.

Doxa offers support to young people experiencing disadvantage from primary school years through to tertiary education. The team at Doxa designed a set of impact measurement metrics, and were after a way to help streamline the data collection and reporting.

With the dashboards produced by Socialsuite, Doxa has been able to engage with all levels of staff. Senior management through to program facilitators had visibility of the effect their work is having on the young person. With on-demand dashboards, Doxa has also been able to quickly identify service areas that were not working.

“The Socialsuite dashboards allow staff at all levels to analyse data from whole cohorts to sub-groups right down to individuals. This allows organisations to truly know the impact they are making or the areas they need to improve. This also allows for true reporting of impact to funders, stakeholders, staff and the individuals you are serving.”