Why Your Organisation Needs Impact Management Software

Customers and stakeholders are starting to seek out organisations that have a positive social and environmental impact.

Organisations have realised this and are starting to understand the true value of incorporating impact management into their organisations.

Historically, organisations would rely on anecdotal stories to demonstrate their impact.

Now there is greater pressure for organisations to ensure that like financial reporting, their impact data has rigour and is not misrepresented.

This Whitepaper details why your organisation needs impact management software to support rigourous impact reporting. It covers:

  • The role of technology
  • Increased requirements for governance
  • Monitoring vs. measuring
  • The necessity for instant and accurate information
  • Importance of data sovereignty and data security
  • Labour cost of manual reporting

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Customer Stories

Katrina Baddeley, CEO – VRCLP

My experience has been overwhelmingly positive. I think it goes without saying that Socialsuite is intuitive and it has certainly been very beneficial. I’m a bit of a fan of Socialsuite Analytics. It has the power of real time reporting, so, it’s pretty much spectacular. And the fact that you can have it on an iPad, or iPhone, or a portable device is pretty special I think.

Paul Turner, Youth Services Innovation Manager – YMCA Victoria

Trialling Socialsuite to measure the social impact of some of our Youth Leadership programs has been a very positive experience. The Socialsuite team has provided both expertise in the methodology of measuring social impact as well as innovative technology to simplify the process of collecting and presenting data. The Socialsuite app does the task both well and in a time efficient manner, and we are now looking to use the technology in other programs.

Jackie Bickendorf, Manager of Youth Services – YMCA Western Australia

We were after a tool that would easily track our engagement and measure outcomes for the Indigenous youth participating in our program. At this point we use the Socialsuite mobile app that allows us to collect attendance data with participants, stakeholders and incidents that may occur. This is invaluable as it frees staff up from the onerous task of collecting data and then spending hours at reporting time collating and presenting data in a way our funders would like. Using the Socialsuite mobile app to collect outcomes data will also save us much time and effort, as the system will flag participant surveys which will be accessible on the iPads to collect in a very user-friendly way.

Richard Hanson – Youth off the Streets

After initially testing the Socialsuite software at one location within our Outreach Services team at Youth Off The Streets, we have now rolled out the product to over 100 local sites, across 11 teams in 2 business units; we just keep finding more uses for the Socialsuite product. The Customer support provided by the team is second to none, and the communication across the team is great. Whenever we have had an issue, they have been quick to respond, and have always listened to feedback with an open mind and a willingness to make the product better. The team at Socialsuite continue to stand head and shoulders above any other software vendors that we deal with as far as quality of the product, quality of support, and knowledge of the product by those who support our goals to measure the impact Youth Off The Streets is having on the lives of the Young People we work with. Keep up the great work.