Design a theory of change with Socialsuite, and use this to create your
impact and outcomes data collection plans.

Impact Measurement Design
Design your theory of change and map the outcomes to measure over short, medium and long-term timeframes. Bring your own measurement framework or choose an evidence-based framework from our Marketplace.
Program Model
Socialsuite’s program model is methodology agnostic and can work with any impact measurement framework. Collect data for participant cohorts at a specific location for individuals within a program activity, and corroborate this data with third-party stakeholder feedback.
Data Collection Plan
Capture the key elements of your impact measurement framework by designing measurement indicators, data sources and data collection frequency. Import your own data collection plan or create one from within Socialsuite. Alternatively, choose from hundreds of data collection tools on our Marketplace.
The Socialsuite Marketplace is a collection of curated frameworks and tools that organisations can use to measure their impact. The Marketplace is ideal for organisations that are looking to start measuring but have yet to develop their own tools and frameworks.


Use Socialsuite to streamline and automate the data collection process, through a variety of different data collection methods.

Survey Design
Socialsuite allows you to assemble questions from your data collection plans into a survey with configurable layout and branding. Surveys can be sent at multiple timepoints to program participants and other stakeholders.
Participant Management
Use Socialsuite to enrol program participants. Socialsuite supports data collection at an individual level, and is a powerful way to illustrate each participant’s journey of change throughout the lifecycle of your program’s intervention
Collection Methods
Socialsuite offers several options for delivering surveys to participants and stakeholders including email, SMS and branded registration pages.
Attendance Data
Use Socialsuite to capture attendance data and analyse participation rates over the course of your program. Easily record attendance or register new participants on the spot using our Mobile App.
Mobile App
The Socialsuite Mobile app is a data collection option for interactive face-to-face or kiosk surveys. The app is available on both iOS and Android device and can be used while offline with encrpted local data storage and automatic sync when back online.
Data Feeds
Socialsuite supports other non-survey methods of data collection. Data can be loaded directly into Socialsuite or via an API. This enables read-only data to be incorporated into our Analytics dashboards for reporting.


Socialsuite comes with a powerful analytics engine that allows you to configure your own dashboards using point-and-click tools, custom branding and data visualisation.

The dashboards included in Socialsuite cover common reporting requirements such as response rates, program participation data and key demographics. The frameworks and measurement tools on our Marketplace also come with pre-configured dashboards.


Programs adapt over time as you develop new insights into your participants’ outcomes journey.

Socialsuite provides several tools to empower organizations with their program management.

These include document control for impact measurement framework versions and the ability to dynamically update program activities and associated data collection plans.